Willow Brook Road by Sherryl Woods.

Willow Brook Road by Sherryl Woods.

Willow-Brook-Road-by Sherryl-Woods.Carrie was born in NewYork.She grown up and did her schooling and college under the supervision of her grand father Mick O’Brien.She travelled almost the whole world when she was working in the fashion world.She has come back to her home town Chesapeake Shores and want to settle down here,she left her fashion world career after her failure in love or break up with Marc Reynolds,the fashion world’s icon.

One day she went to her second cousin Luke’s O’Brien’s,the Irish pub for good food.
Her cusion suggested her to start a day care as her profession as she is still doing babysitting for many kids in the family without charging anything.Even she loves to take care of kids and spending time with them and playing with them.Then,Carrie get attracted towards sensuous and distressed Sam Winslow,who wanted someone to help and take care of his nephew, who has lost his parents in a mishappening and now he is Sam’s responsibility to take care of him.

Carrie’s her own life is so upset and disturbed, will she manage her new profession and a new relationship? Will Sam be the right man for whom she is thinking she needs to make strong, loving and happy family what she always thought of?

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