Up in Flames: A Rosemary Beach by Abbi Glines

Up in Flames: A Rosemary Beach by Abbi Glines

“Up in Flames: A Rosemary Beach Novel (The Rosemary Beach Series Book 13)” is written by Abbi Glines.

She is rich. She is spoiled. She is selfish. She is a slut. A villian.Nan Dillon, Rosemary Beach’s adorned bad girl, called by disgraceful names. She has deserved all these names as her reputation on Rosemary Beach. Nan never bother all such things, what matters her is maintaining her perfect figure and isolating her Daddy’s private jet with Rush, her brother.

Nan is not happy. Rush is expecting his second baby and he is not interested in catching up with Nan. Grant , is her last boyfriend whom she really loves and care, but he decided to be with Nan’s half sister Harlow, than her. Harlow and Nan are not on good terms as Nan treated Harlow very badly when she first moved here, so she always maintain a distance from Nan.

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When Major proposed Nan, she instantly got ready to date charming and gorgeous Major. Even she doesn’t know much about the sweet-talking, charming and handsome Major, still it’s very clear that he doesn’t want to be restricted. She thinks dating Major is better than dating tedious socialites of watching Netflix at home alone.

Foe some time, she managed Major’s playboy ways, but when everything going out of her control, she flew for a spontaneous wild weakened in Vegas. In Vegas, Nan meets a darkly hot, seductive businessman, Gannon, the man who handles her perfectly.

Now Major is asking for a second chance from Nan and her heart and dreams are ruled by Gannon.Nan is in confusion to whom she will choose. But she doesn’t know that both Major and Gannon are playing a dangerous game with her and both of them had already made moves.

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