Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition

Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition

Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition PDF

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga and The Host. The “Twilight” series is a scary book… and yet the “Twilight Tenth Anniversary” edition has given us the feel like freezing: Stephenie Meyer trying to write a book from the perspective of a GUY.

The tenth anniversary edition of the sparkling vampire book has an additional tale tacked onto it. she has not written a new story, she decided to write the same story but the she has changed novel thrillness from the the perspective. Stephanie included the original Twilight book for people to read. It gives the new readers a chance to see what all the hype was 10 years ago when the Twilight pheomenon was going on.

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Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight fans are bit disappointed with this.Readers found themselves focused on comparisons. The similarities are many and flagrant. The characters are EXACTLY the same..same personalities, same roles, even their name are gender swapped versions of the originals. Allen/Angela? Erica/Eric? Everything happens EXACTLY the same way, there are even passages were copy/pasted from the original with gender appropriate corrections added. Whats worse, because of the similarities, these characters feel like…impostors, for lack of a better word. Impostors trying to take up the roles of their far superior predecessors.Readers found the characters unlikable and unconnected.

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