The Obsession by Nora Roberts

The Obsession by Nora Roberts

The Obsession by Nora Roberts PDF, Kindle

Story of a girl Naomi whose father is involved in crimes since her child. her father was a serial Rapist and murderer.An innocent girl one day followed into a wood her father in the night seeing her father’s crimes, her life changed completely.Starting of the book Describes her past.Now Naomi becomes adult.She is living her new life and her love for photography shows she is strong and readers will love to read Naomi a growing character in the book.But her past hurts her.Author Writes the scary,thrilling and terrifying experience of 12 year girl and her family faced after finding that they are living with the Evil.As she has never healed from the past traumas and fears, but she tries hard to keep the past away.

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Now she is living in new area Sunrise Cove with new people.She settles down and starts Remodeling project of the old mansion with contractor, Kevin Banner. One day she met Xander Keaton who is town mechanic, garage band singer and the businessman.From here the novel turns romantic, Naomi feel for the first time that happiness is not difficult to find and its for longer time.In the last tension arises again, as threatening link is created With Naomi’s past which will effect her future.

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