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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

The genre of ‘Everything Everything’ is Growing Up and facts of Life.This is the story of a teenager girl Madeline, who is suffering with a rare but a famous disease. She has allergy, not any allergy, she is allergic to the world. Because of her allergy she is living the life of a prisoner. She never come out from her house for last seventeen years. In these seventeen years she only met two people, her mother and her nurse Carla. Her father and brother died before she understood anything.

Madeline is happy with this arrangement and keep herself busy in the world of books. She always fantasize the books she reads and lives her life through these books and dreaming about them. One day a truck stops next door. When she looked out she saw Olly, a perfect boy for her as she fantasizes. She fall in love with Olly but she also knew that it will bring troubles for both of them.

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In Everything Everything, the author brilliantly writes prose with artwork, diary entries. This book make you cry, feel, and laugh. This book is a trip of the world and life of a girl who has not seen the outer world and people.Read & Download Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon PDf, ePub, Kindle, mobi.

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