Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly PDF, Kindle

Martha Hall Kelly is presenting her debut novel “Lilac Girls”.”Lilac Girls” credits ‘New York Times Best Seller’.
‘Lilac Girls’ has a strong story which discloses an astonishing story of love, retrieval, and extreme secrets which were buried for decades. The story is weaved on the basis of real events. It tells the story of three women,beginning in 1939,Caroline Ferriday, Herta Oberheuser and Kasia Kuzmerick. It shows the impact of World War II and how it crisscross their lives. The book is totally focused on the role and work of Caroline Ferriday done during and after WWII. She worked to help in survival of “Ravensbrück Rabbits.”

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The second character of the story is Kasia Kuzmerick. She is a Polish teenager,working as courier for the underground intransigence movement. After some time she realizes that she is loosing her carefree nature while working as courier.
The third lady is a German doctor who is young and very ambitious,Herta Oberheuser. She applied for a government medical position,which proves her a ticket for a isolated life.When she got job than she understand that she was trapped in a male dominated domain of Nazi secrets and powers.These three were came in contact when the incredible happen and Kasia has sent to Ravensbruck, the blatant Nazi concentration camp for ladies.They united and aimed to fight for justice for them who have been forgotten from history.

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