Find Her by Lisa Gardner

lisa gardnerFlora Dane is a sufferer.Flora was a cheerful college student ,when she was kidnapped seven years ago.She was on vacations on spring break when she was kidnapped.In these 472 days,Flora experienced how much a person can go through and bear hardships.

Flora Dane is a survivor.Marvelously, live after her anguish, Flora has disbursed the last five years rehabituate herself along the pattern of regular life, engaged with her FBI sufferer lawyer, Samuel Keynes. Flora’s mother who always love her even after what happened to her,she has a brother also who is afraid of the gal she’s develop into.Flora’s bedroom wall is hidden with the pictures of the girls who never come back their home.

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Flora Dane is feckless.Boston detective D. D. Warren is reached to the site of a murder—a dead man and an enslaved, nude lady who murdered him—she finds that Flora has trapped with three more accused after her comeback to society.
Is Flora a sufferer or a defender or a cop?And with her primary know-how of criminal demeanor, could she grasp the core to rescue a disappeared college student whose kidnapping has jolted Boston? When Flora herself vanished, D.D. comprehends a far more evil hunter is responsible for all. One who has decided that he will not allow , Flora Dane to slip away by any means. And now it is all depends on D. D. Warren to search her and save her.

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