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Mastery by Robert Greene PDF, Kindle, eBook

“Mastery” is written by Robert Greene.The genre of ‘Mastery’ is Motivational.Robert has also written The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, and the 50th Law. ‘Mastery’ is a work of intellectually and study about how one can achieve mastery in his/her life.Everyone has the potentiality within to be […]

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The Power (The Secret) by Rhonda Byrne PDF, Kindle

he Secret revealed the law of attraction. Now Rhonda Byrne reveals the greatest power in the universe — the power to have anything you want. In this book you will come to understand that all it takes is just one thing to change your relationships, money, health, happiness, career, and your entire life. Every discovery, […]

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Tough As They Come by Travis Mills PDF

Thousands of soldiers die year to defend their country. United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was sure that he would become another statistic when, during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was caught in an IED blast four days before his twenty-fifth birthday. Against the odds, he lived, but at a severe […]

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