Woman of God by James Patterson

“Woman of God” is written by James Patterson.┬áThe genre of ‘Woman Of God’ is Thrillers and Suspense.James Patterson is also the author of the Alex Cross novel detective series, Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.’Woman of God’ is the story of Brigid Fitzgerald. Brigid Fitzgerald has completed her medical degree and started her medical practice in South Sudan’s clinic. Here she is nursing the citizens and soldiers who were injured under barbaric conditions. Brigid’s only half of the patients survive, even after utmost care and treatment given to them. Despite the casualties and crucial situations, she finds herself useful for them and also developed attachment and a healthy relationship with her few staff members. She strongly believe in God and in his mercy but still she always ask question why God the one who loves his each and every child, why he give them so much pain.

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In her whole life Brigid has faced hate, injustice, discrimination and many severe situations to charge the active religious and God faithing woman. Whenever she needs God, she always hears the voice from the other world which helps her in handling and coming out from all difficult situations easily. Brigid and her husband, a disqualified Catholic Priest endowed a new branch of the church which allows priests to marry and also allow a woman to be a priest. And their new church rules finally takes them to Rome to see the Pope.

At St. Peter’s Square, Rome, colossal mass is gathered to know about the new pope. White smoke is the signal that the new pope is selected and the new pope is the one who is totally different and unique from another in history. The selection of new pope this time will be a turning point which will change the rules of church forever.

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