Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Where She Went by Gayle Forman PDF, Kindle, eBook

The genre of ‘Where She Went’ is Literature and Fiction.’Where She Went’ is the sequel of ‘If I Stay’.Gayel is also the author of Just One Day, Just One Year, Just One Night (e-novel), If I Stay.’Where She Went’ starts from the conclusion point of ‘IF I Stay’. Where She Went is the story of Adam and Mia after several years from POV of Adam.If someone get a second chance to get his/her first love back…what he has to do? He has to grab it or kept it go.

Mia lost her parents and younger brother in a car accident three years back, and with Adam’s efforts Mia is alive. But she chose to leave Adam and move on without giving any reason or explanation of her this harsh decision to Adam. After three years of her decision, Mia is completing her schooling and the rising star of Julliard.

Adam is a famous and most popular rockstar in LA and now, he is in a live-in-relationship with Bryn, who is also a famous celebrity of LA.

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After so many years, Adam still love Mia and his unplanned trip to New York brings Mia and Adam face-to-face. When Mia met Adam, she proposed him for a trip to New York before they leave for their next assignments. When Mia and Adam were exploring the city which is Mia’s home now, they talked about their past, their love and what happened in their past. Adam tried to hide his feelings for Mia. Adam found that Mia had changed alot in last years. She was not the same Mia, after her accident, whom he knew. Is their reunion for one night will solve everything? Will Adam find the reason of Mia’s decision of breakup with him? Will the last night with Adam again ignite the love hidden in Mia’s heart for him? While reading the story you will laugh, cry and fall in love with Mia and Adam.

The whole story is written very well. The words are laced with painful and deep emotions. The story flows freely. Beautiful moments between Mia and Adam are written with passion and feelings that will be enjoyed even after finishing the book.

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