Weightless by Kandi Steiner

Weightless by Kandi Steiner


“Weightless” is written by Kandi Steiner.¬†Weightless is the story of a fat girl Natalie, who has just done her graduation and suddenly her boyfriend (for 2 years) broke up with her for a skinny girl. After breakup she was shattered and not sure what she want to do with her life. Her dreams are not matched with her parents expectations. She is not happy with her physique and decided to come in shape and snatch her boyfriend back. Her father is one of the richest man of the town. So she appointed a special trainer for herself, Rhodes. Rhodes, is her senior in high school. Rhodes id not only training Natalie to gain body shape, he is also developing self confidence in her. He made her realize that she is also very special. He bought lots of positive changes in her life. Now, she stays happy, enjoys and loves herself.

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Between Natalie and Rhodes, unbreakable friendship developed. Natalie feels comfortable and confident. Rhodes, grew up in a foster system. He is alone in this world and does offensive jobs to earn money. Rhodes has feelings foe Natalie, but he is maintaining distance from her.

Kandi Steiner has written ‘Weightless’ with some unexpected turns and mysteries which keep readers turning pages.’Weightless’ is so well written that it will make you laugh, cry, scream and worry. Even sometimes you feel that its you in the story as Natalie.

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