Wasted Words by Staci Hart


“Wasted Words” is written by Staci Hart.The genre of ‘Wasted Words’ is Fiction.Tyler Knight is handsome, almost seven feet tall guy. He is charming and caring. After an accident, his injury has finished his career and he is now working as a sports agent. His injury also ended his love life. After his breakup he got attracted to Cam Emerson. They are roommates. She is very beautiful according to Tyler, but Cam thinks she is not. Cam also made it very clear that she is not at all interested in Tyler, specially as her boyfriend. But in future if she changes her mind than Tyler would love to be her boyfriend. Tyler knows that they two are totally different personalities still they are made for each other.

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Cam Emerson is working at ‘Wasted Words’ a bookstore opened by Rose with the help of Cooper. Whenever Tyler is free he visits Wasted Words. Cam always give him books to read and also trys to find a perfect match for him.

Tyler and Cam realizes that they are ment for eachother. So they give one chance to eachother. The results are damn satisfing. As Tyler is very handsome and charming, Cam is always in doubt that a guy like Tyler wants and loves a girl like her. Even after many assurances given by Tyler she is always in doubt.

This book will make you laugh, cry and at some places you just smile. It will be a fantastic read. It is a romantic comedy. Staci Hart has done a very brilliant work.

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