Untouched by Alexa Riley

Untouched by Alexa Riley

Untouched by Alexa Riley

“Untouched” is written by Alexa Riley.Alexander is a very rich man. Alexander purchased a land for his new airstrip without visiting it. After its purchase , he went to see his property. When he entered in his new property, he saw a blue eyed girl,who looks like an angle. He fall in love. Her dream princess has come before her as Liliana. Now he thought, Liliana as his property.

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Liliana, eighteen-year-old girl who is living alone after the death of her grandmother. Reading romantic novels is her passion. Her life was shady and isolated after her grandmother’s death and all her helpers also left her,after selling this property to Alexander. When Liliana saw Alexander ,she thought he will save her from this world and love her.

Alexander, now claiming her as his property. As he has never seen and met such a beautiful girl, who is still a vergin.

Will Liliana struggle for her freedom or allow Alexander to rule her? Will Alexander set her free or keep her locked even after knowing her?

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