The Siren by Kiera Cass

The Siren by Kiera Cass

The Siren by Kiera Cass PDF, Kindle

The Siren is written by Kiera Cass Ebook.Kiera Cass potraited a young girl Kahlen as Siren who was saved by the Ocean from drowning. To pay back his debt she agreed to serve Ocean as The Siren for next hundred years. Kahlen is not the first one ,there are many others girls also who are serving The Ocean as The Siren.They will stay young and beautiful for next 100 years.They use their fascinating and deadly voices to attract strangers toward their death (in Ocean), their graves.They have to keep their real identity as a secret from other humans,so they are not allowed to talk to the humans.To keep themselves as secret from others they never stay in the same house or place for long.When they complete their 100 years of service, all sirens will get a chance to begin and live their own life as they wish to.

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Kahlen is truly devoted to finish her sentence,til she fall in love with Akinil,a caring, handsome and kind man.
He has all the qualities what Kahlen wants in her boyfriend or husband.But to love a human is breaching of the rules made for The Sirens.If the Ocean finds Kahlen’s love for Akinli,Ocean will force her to leave him for his betterment.But Kahlen decided to follow her heart and feelings rather than Ocean’s rule.All of sudden something happened that changes Kahlen decision,she give more importance to her life as Siren than her life with Akinli.

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