The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas

The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas


“The Protector” is written by Jodi Ellen Malpas. The genre of ‘The Protector’ is Romance.Jodi has also written This man Trilogy and One Night Trilogy.

Camille Logan, is young and beautiful. She is the daughter of a successful and ruthless businessman. People think that they knew about Camille. They think she is spoiled, flert, beautiful girl who spend as much as she wants and all her expenses are worn by her father. But in reality Camille is totally opposite to it. She is self dependent and meet all her expenses through modelling and her branded cloth line business. She wants to live a free and independent life,even no restrictions by her father. To find her way, she made mistakes and learn. In this process she made a horrible mistake which send her to a rehab and also made her the hot spot for media. After recovering from this trauma, now she has a treat on her life. Her father has made many enemies in his business and now they find Camillea as an easy target to punish her father. Now, Camillea agrees on her father’s decision to protect her. So his father has appointed one of the best bodyguard for her.

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Jack Sharp, is appointed as her protector. He has his own problems. Once he was distracted during his duty and the results were very dangerous for his personnel and professional life. Now he is ex-SAS sniper. Jack accepted this job to keep himself busy. But Camille was very rude and stubborn to Jack. While protecting Camille, Jack finds that she is very warm, caring and compassionate, not like she pretended she is. Jack and women don’t fit well but when they are together he finds everything settling. And now to protect her is not only his job which paid him huge, it goes deeper in heart. How Jack fight with himself in selecting absolution or Camille?

The story is filled with light humor, love and witty dialogues. It is romantic suspense to read.

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