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The Pattern Artist by Nancy MoserThe genre of ‘The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser’ is Literature and Fiction.The Pattern Artist is the journey of Annie Wood, from a housemaid to the fashion houses of Paris. Annie Wood was working as housemaid with Kidd family, Compton Hall, England, she was separated from her family many years back when she was a child. When she was eighteen, she made her first trip with the Kidd family across the Atlantic. This was her first trip outside the Atlantic. When they reached to NewYork, America, Annie saw a totally different world and life. She found many other opportunities for herself than a housemaid. She also realized that the class system in America is totally differ from the class system she had seen in England. In America she felt a new aura of possibilities and freedom. Annie with two other housemaids went to explore the city and they took benefits of the opportunities they got. Annie’s world outside Kidd’s house id full of challenges and danger. To accept these opportunities, Annie put everything on risk, she collected all her courage and started her journey and joined in the sewing department at Macy’s. When she was working at Macy, the saleman of the Butterick Pattern Company noticed her and opened a new way to her success.

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Through the eye’s of Annie the readers will feel the NewYork’s prosperity and energy, before WWI.During her journey which was full of hope and opportunities, she met generous and kind people who not only helped her in fulfilling her basic needs but also helped her in developing confidence and also in discovering her hidden unique talents of her. She received her greatest opportunity because of her ability as a seamstress and as a designer. Aniee and NewYork were growing together. They grow, they change and they succeed together. She turned into a talented fashion designer and a pattern artist of high class and reached to the fashion houses of Paris.Read & Download The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser pdf, Epub, Kindle.

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