The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


Kristin Hannah is the author of “The Nightingale”.

‘The Nightingale’ is named as a best book of year by Library Journal, Paste, iTunes, Buzzfeed,, The Wall Street Journal and The Week.

“The Nightingale’ is an epic perspective of WWII and highlight a detailed part of history rarely known. ‘The Nightingale’ is the story of two sisters, who were separated years back. They learned and experienced through passion, circumstances and ideals and they move forward to the dangerous path for their survival , love and freedom in German occupied France which was also shattered in war.

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Vianne Mauriac loves her husband and family. When her husband is heading for fronts she doesn’t trust that the Nazi will invade France. But the Nazi’s invaded France in caravans of trucks, in drove of marching soldiers, in plane which filled the skies. They even dropped bombs on innocent people. When Vianne’s house was overtook by a German captain, Vianne and her daughter was forced to live with the enemy or lose whatever they had. When the danger expands everywhere, she was forced to made many compromises one after other to save her family and to get food, money for them.

Isabelle, Vianne’s eighteen-year-old sister is a rebellious, and searching a purpose of her life with her carefree mania of youth. When thousands od Persians are moving due to the unknown horror of war and nazi, there is Gäetan, a partisan, who believes and motivates others that French can fight the Nazi’s from here within France. There is no need to march anywhere else. When Isabelle meets him, she suddenly fall in love with Gäetan. Isabelle joins The resistance, after she was betrayed by Gäetan. Now she saves other by risking her life and time.

Kristin Hannah beautifully potraited examination of life, and damages of war,and how people react to unpredictable situations. ‘The Nightingale’ is filled with action, emotions and drama.

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