The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner


The Memory of Things is a touching, piercing anecdote around two young people who meet in the days taking after the fear based oppressor assaults on 9/11. Kyle is at school in Manhattan when the primary tower is hit. The school sends the children home, and Kyle heads over the Brooklyn Bridge towards his home. As he is intersection the extension, he sees a young lady cringing in the corner who looks shell-stunned and is secured with residue and grime from the building assaults. Amidst the bedlam and injury, Kyle chooses to carry her home with him and after that help out her discover her family. He is all alone in light of the fact that his dad is a NYPD analyst in all likelihood assisting with the debacle and his mother and sister are in California. Polisner recounts the story in substituting perspectives as Kyle endeavors to help the puzzling young lady who has lost her memory. As the story unfurls, she starts to recollect disconnected pieces yet battles with the failure to try and review her own particular name not to mention her family.

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