The Last Woman Standing by Thelma Adams

The Last Woman Standing by Thelma Adams

last-woman-standingTwo decades after the Civil War, Josephine Marcus, the high school little girl of Jewish migrants, is tricked west with the guarantee of marriage to Johnny Behan, one of Arizona’s well known lawmen. She abandons her San Francisco home to join Behan in Tombstone, Arizona, a magnet for mineworkers (and criminals) pulled in by the silver blast.In spite of the fact that assembled by the flash of metal, Tombstone is tormented by partitioned loyalties: amongst Confederates and Unionists, Lincoln Republicans and Democrats.

In any case, when the expressive Behan demonstrates untrustworthy, it is unbelievable frontiersman Wyatt Earp who rises as Josephine’s match. As the couple’s sentiment starts, Behan’s desire touches off a competition bound for the history books.

Without a moment’s delay an epic record of a doubtful sentiment and a retelling of a famous American story, The Last Woman Standing reviews the extremely popular gunfight at the O.K. Corral through the eyes of a spunky courageous woman who looked for her upbeat completion in an uncivilized station—with a savage will and an unflagging soul.

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