The Girls by Emma Cline

The Girls by Emma Cline


Emma Cline is the author of “The Girls”.Emma Cline was the winner of “Paris Review Plimpton Prize 2014”.

The plot is developed ,in Northern Calfornia, 1960. Evie Boyd, 14 years old teen, lives with her mother, after the divorce of her parents. In the beginning of the summer, in a park,she was gripped with a group of young girls. She was deserted and introspective girl, so instantly she hooked by their careless dresses, their freedom, their deadly aspect of spontaneity. Evie soon is in the bondage to a fascinating older girl, Suzanne.

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Suzanne leads her to proposed scandalous circle. The leader of this local commune cult is a charming man, Russell. All the girls are the followers of this cult, and he manages his followers from a neglected estate which was hidden in the hills. This hideout is at a short bicycle ride distance away from Evie’s home. For her, it is alluring,exciting, gripping , charged, and a place where she wants to be accepted desperately. She has started spending more time with this cult, less time with her mother. She also keeps herself away from her daily life works. Her obsession with Suzanne aggravates. As the plots move forward :in the present life of Evie, How her past affects her present?.Read & Download The Girls: A Novel by Emma Cline pdf, Epub, Kindle.

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