The Fireman by Joe Hill

The Fireman by Joe Hill

The Fireman by Joe Hill PDF, Kindle, eBook

“The Fireman: A Novel” is written by Joe Hill.

Joe Hill has claimed New York Times bestselling author for his novel “NOS4A2” and “Heart-Shaped Boxes”.

A totally new and unknown scary plague is spreading as conflagration crosswise the country, attacking cities one by one: Detroit, Bostan, Seattle. The doctors give it a name ‘Draco Incendia Trychophyton’. BUt everyone in the city is calling it ‘Dragonscale’.It is a highly communicable, savage spore that gives its victims beautiful golden and black marks on their bodies, and after sometime it burst into flames and gives a painful death to the patient.Thousands of people are infected with this virus. Flames are exploding everywhere. No antidote is invented for this. No one in the city is safe.

A warmhearted, zealous nurse, Harper Grayson is as efficient as Mary Poppins, treated several patients who were suffering with ‘Dragonscale’, before her hospital was burned and totally destroyed. Now Harper found these golden and black stripes on her body. She wants to live until she give birth to her child. When she was curing the patients, many ladies who were suffering from this virus gave birth to healthy babies.
Due to the terror, people started killing people whom they suspect of carring the Spore, in the cities and even in the woods. Harper noticed a man in dirty yellow fire fighter’s jacket with a hooked iron bar,strides the pit between death and insanity. This man is known as ‘Fireman”. The Fireman ,drifts the ashes of New Hampshire. A mad man who was cursed with Dragonscale, but he has learnt how to control this fire within himself, and how he can use it to save other infected people. He is using as a shield to save and protect the infected people and also as a weapon who are wrong and killing people on behalf of suspect only.

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