The Contract by Melanie Moreland

The Contract by Melanie Moreland

the-contractMelanie Moreland is the author of “The Contract”.The genre of ‘The Contract’ is literature and fiction.

Melanie has done a fantastic work. ‘The Contract’ is passionately loaded, extremely enslaving and the story is so well written that it moves effortlessly. The broiling attraction between Richard and Katharine make few scenes hot and sexy.

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‘The Contract’ is the story of two people who even don’t want to see each other but still they are working together and fall in deep love.Richard VanRyan is a dictator to the people who are working for him. He abuses each one who works for him but his PA Katharine ‘Katy’ is on the top of the list. But at night he is the playboy of the town. Richard is a careless, selfish, ignorant person. He does what ever he wants to do and not ready to change at any cost. Other people opinions about him hardly effects him. Katharine Elliot is working as PA to Richard and she is tolerating the misbehavior of her boss because she needs this job badly as her aunt is suffering from Alzheimer and he is paying her enough so she can meet her aunt’s medical expenses. Both of them have disturbed childhood and it plays a vital role in their nature building.

When Richard is neglected for the promotion, in anger’ he goes to join the other company which is the biggest competitor of his own company. But Richard’s reputation make a mess and he has to represent Katharine as his fake ‘fiancee’. It is Katy’s necessity so she agreed. When they are living together things change.They starting loving each other.Richard changes from careless to careful man, rude to nice. Life gives second chance to Richard to change himself. The power of love will change both and the contract will turn in final arrangement.

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