The Cinderella Arrangement Kindle by Vanessa Waltz

The Cinderella Arrangement Kindle by Vanessa Waltz


“The Cinderella Arrangement” is written by Vanessa Waltz.

‘The Cinderella Arrangement’ is the re-edited edition of “Break and Crash” with some changes in the story.

‘The Cinderella Arrangement’ is the story of Luke Pardini and Jessica.

Luke is handsome, playboy, scandal sheet, extremely attractive billionaire. Every woman dreams of him.

Jessica just has finished her graduation with an English degree. She hasn’t got any good job which will pay her enough to meet her expenses.

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She met Luke through a site ‘sugardaddies’. Luke is searching for a fake girlfriend to soften his dad’s heart, so his dad won’t transfer Luke’s inheritance (5 Billion $) to someone else. Firstly, Jessica was hesitating in accepting Luke’s proposal of being “Fake Cindrella”. Because she don’t want to fall in love with Luke and get hurt when his work is over. But his proposal is like a dream come true.

She accepted Luke’s proposal as now she will experience her life in Luke Pardini way. Now she will get the fancy and expensive dresses, the formal dinners with Luke as his girlfriend. All her expenses will be paid by Luke and after all this she will get a handsome amount as her fee. She is also happy that every midnight, Cindrella Arrangment will be over.

But what is written in their destiny, no one knows? Will their temporary arrangement will remain temporary or it will turn into permanent?

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