The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Ebook

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Ebook

By Markus Zusak “The Book Thief” is an extraordinary story of a girl and now its a hittest motion picture.”The Book Thief” is a story of an orphan girl who was adopted by a couple and her foster father told her the power of words by sharing late night stories with her.

The story plot is of 1939, Nazi, Germany, during WW II. The country was in great terror.Everyone is scared and waiting for things to be settle down.

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Liesel meminger, is a thief.Thief of BOOKS. She is living outside of Munich Her foster father developed a habit of reading books in her by sharing bed time stories. He reads The Grave Digger’s Handbook for her. Now, reading books is her passion. Even for reading books,she steals books. She shares these books with her neighbors while bombing raids and also with the Jewish man who was hiding himself in her basement. It is her way to bring joy and pleasure in the life of her own and other people around her.

This book is narrated by death. “The Book Thief” is containg heart touching images of Nazi Germany, friendship love and loss.

Zusak has wonderful command on language.His story narration technique brings Liesel’s world to life.


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