Spells and Sorcery (Lexie Carrigan Chronicles, #1) by S. Usher Evans

Spells and Sorcery (Lexie Carrigan Chronicles, #1) by S. Usher Evans.┬áLexie was a BRAT. What’s more, that is tremendous for the story since such a large amount of her character development she encounters thus a hefty portion of the wrecks she ended up in wouldn’t have happened in the event that she was very much carried on and excessively wary. Lexie was a juvenile 15 year old who carried on against her most established sister and close relative (Nicole and Jeanie) and any other person who attempted to control her.The battles she had gracious man. She helped me to remember Marie now and again, who acted mean towards her family and defied the standards frequently. Lexie was a keen individual, however getting enchantment obfuscated her judgment and well, she settled on some truly inept choices. She was constantly condemned for acting that way, however. She was grounded. Her conduct was called attention to by her relatives and Gavon (the man that appears on her Magic’s Eve and begins helping her find out about enchantment). Thus, despite the fact that she’s a character that could drive you up the wall, she beyond any doubt endures the results of having a disposition and being rash. Also, she learns! In spite of the fact that it takes several slaps of cool reality to help her develop. The majority of that said, I truly preferred her.

Her associations with Nicole and Jeanie were fascinating as well. That is kinda clever to compose on the grounds that they didn’t get along. They were for all intents and purposes adversaries! I continued watching and seeking after any kind of indication of fondness between them.


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