SEAL’s Bride: A Secret Baby Romance is written by Vivian Wood.

SEAL’s Bride: A Secret Baby Romance is written by Vivian Wood.

seal-ride-asecret-baby-romance-by-vivian-woodVivian Wood has written ‘the Sainted Sinners, Alpha Guardians, Red Lodge Bears, Werewolf’s Harem, and the Louisiana Shifters series’.

Vivian Wood has written very emotional drama with family love and affection, jealousy, heart-bouncing, passionate, sensual romance and an amazing end which will make you more thirsty.

Sawyer Roman is a hunter of girls. He fucked them and leave them heartbroken. He never contacted a girl second time. From Fallujah to Catahoula, he has a very long list of girlfriends.

‘Seal’s Bride’ is a story of Sawyer Roman and Remy River. Sawyer Roman and Remy River were high school lovers. Four years back one passionate evening Swayer’s love give Remy a very beautiful gift of the world and her life. He joined military as the Navy Seals and left Remy heart broken as she loves him alot. Swayer used to come back to his home, but never contacted Remy. When Remy told about their son, Shiloh, to Sawyer’s father, he threatend her and forced her to keep it as a secret and she then decided that she will never disclose about Shiloh to Sawyer.

After many years, Now Sawyer is an Ex-Seal, suffering fron PTSD,livinf in DC.His father forced him to come back to his hometown and to work on family ranch otherwise he will sell it out in a month. When he is in his home town, he went to Remy’s house to meet her. But Unexpectedly Remy slams the dooe in Sawyer’s face and in anger she said something to Sawyer which he didn’t understand. When ever he tries to talk about it to his brother, he always changes the topic.Sawyer feels something suspicious. To find out the truth and what is going wrong in Remy’s life, he made a plan to go closer to Remy. Will Sawyer get success in his plans or truth will be hidden from him?

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