Replica (Replica, #1) by Lauren Oliver

The book highlights Gemma, a protected young lady. She is somewhat overweight and just has one genuine companion. She should go to Florida with her companion, April, yet when a window in her home is crushed through with a stone covered up in a Frankenstein veil, her dad declines to release her. It couldn’t be any more obvious, her dad has a great deal of concealed insider facts and Gemma catches him specifying a spot called Haven. Gemma does some exploration about Haven yet finds just a ton of fear inspired notions. She chooses she’s going to make a beeline for Florida to get a few answers. She gets a ride with Pete, an exceptionally loquacious and charming schoolmate of hers. From that point, the riddle begins to disentangle and Gemma discovers a great deal of things she didn’t think she would.

Lyra is what is known as an imitation. She lives in Haven and has unlimited tests done to her body. She knows to some degree this is wrong and sticks to the memory of the pleasant specialist who showed her to peruse and one of only a handful few medical caretakers that had empathy for the copies, both of which strangely vanished. At the point when conditions all of a sudden change for Lyra and another copy who is male and is just known as 72, she needs to discover her way in a world she scarcely knew existed.

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