Read Tales of Space and Time BY H. G. Wells pdf, Ebook, kindle, Epub

Read Tales of Space and Time BY  H. G. Wells pdf, Ebook, kindle, Epub

“Which?” said the little girl.

“‘Im wiv his nose coloured red,” said the anæmic woman.

The little girl began to cry, and Elizabeth could have cried too.

“Ain’t ‘e kickin’ ‘is legs!—just!” said the anæmic woman in blue, trying to make things bright again. “Looky—now!”

On the façade to the right a huge intensely bright disc of weird colour span incessantly, and letters of fire that came and went spelt out—

“Does this make you Giddy?”

Then a pause, followed by

“Take a Purkinje’s Digestive Pill.”

A vast and desolating braying began. “If you love Swagger Literature, put your telephone on to Bruggles, the Greatest Author of all Time. The Greatest Thinker of all Time. Teaches you Morals up to your Scalp! The very image of Socrates, except the back of his head, which is like Shakspeare. He has six toes, dresses in red, and never cleans his teeth. Hear Him!”

Denton’s voice became audible in a gap in the uproar. “I never ought to have married you,” he was saying. “I have wasted your money, ruined you, brought you to misery. I am a scoundrel… . Oh, this accursed world!”

She tried to speak, and for some moments could not. She grasped his hand. “No,” she said at last.

A half-formed desire suddenly became determination. She stood up. “Will you come?”

He rose also. “We need not go there yet.”

“Not that. But I want you to come to the flying stages—where we met. You know? The little seat.”

He hesitated. “Can you?” he said, doubtfully.

“Must,” she answered.

He hesitated still for a moment, then moved to obey her will.

And so it was they spent their last half-day of freedom out under the open air in the little seat under the flying stages where they had been wont to meet five short years ago. There she told him, what she could not tell him in the tumultuous public ways, that she did not repent even now of their marriage—that whatever discomfort and misery life still had for them, she was content with the things that had been. The weather was kind to them, the seat was

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