Read Hamlet by William Shakespeare book online free

Read Hamlet by William Shakespeare book online free

And you must needs have heard, how I am punish’d

With sore distraction. What I have done,

That might your nature, honour and exception

Roughly awake, I here proclaim was madness.

Was’t Hamlet wrong’d Laertes? Never Hamlet:

If Hamlet from himself be ta’en away,

And when he’s not himself does wrong Laertes,

Then Hamlet does it not, Hamlet denies it.

Who does it, then? His madness: if’t be so,

Hamlet is of the faction that is wrong’d;

His madness is poor Hamlet’s enemy.

Sir, in this audience,

Let my disclaiming from a purposed evil

Free me so far in your most generous thoughts,

That I have shot mine arrow o’er the house,

And hurt my brother.


I am satisfied in nature,

Whose motive, in this case, should stir me most

To my revenge: but in my terms of honour

I stand aloof; and will no reconcilement,

Till by some elder masters, of known honour,

I have a voice and precedent of peace,

To keep my name ungored. But till that time,

I do receive your offer’d love like love,

And will not wrong it.


I embrace it freely;

And will this brother’s wager frankly play.

Give us the foils. Come on.


Come, one for me.


I’ll be your foil, Laertes: in mine ignorance

Your skill shall, like a star i’ the darkest night,

Stick fiery off indeed.


You mock me, sir.


No, by this hand.


Give them the foils, young Osric. Cousin Hamlet,

You know the wager?


Very well, my lord

Your grace hath laid the odds o’ the weaker side.


I do not fear it; I have seen you both:

But since he is better’d, we have therefore odds.

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