Read Hamlet by William Shakespeare book online free

Read Hamlet by William Shakespeare book online free


The king, sir, hath laid, that in a dozen passes

between yourself and him, he shall not exceed you

three hits: he hath laid on twelve for nine; and it

would come to immediate trial, if your lordship

would vouchsafe the answer.


How if I answer ‘no’?


I mean, my lord, the opposition of your person in trial.


Sir, I will walk here in the hall: if it please his

majesty, ’tis the breathing time of day with me; let

the foils be brought, the gentleman willing, and the

king hold his purpose, I will win for him an I can;

if not, I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits.


Shall I re-deliver you e’en so?


To this effect, sir; after what flourish your nature will.


I commend my duty to your lordship.


Yours, yours.


He does well to commend it himself; there are no

tongues else for’s turn.


This lapwing runs away with the shell on his head.


He did comply with his dug, before he sucked it.

Thus has he—and many more of the same bevy that I

know the dressy age dotes on—only got the tune of

the time and outward habit of encounter; a kind of

yesty collection, which carries them through and

through the most fond and winnowed opinions; and do

but blow them to their trial, the bubbles are out.

Enter a Lord

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