Read Hamlet by William Shakespeare book online free

Read Hamlet by William Shakespeare book online free


Why, man, they did make love to this employment;

They are not near my conscience; their defeat

Does by their own insinuation grow:

‘Tis dangerous when the baser nature comes

Between the pass and fell incensed points

Of mighty opposites.


Why, what a king is this!


Does it not, think’st thee, stand me now upon—

He that hath kill’d my king and whored my mother,

Popp’d in between the election and my hopes,

Thrown out his angle for my proper life,

And with such cozenage—is’t not perfect conscience,

To quit him with this arm? and is’t not to be damn’d,

To let this canker of our nature come

In further evil?


It must be shortly known to him from England

What is the issue of the business there.


It will be short: the interim is mine;

And a man’s life’s no more than to say ‘One.’

But I am very sorry, good Horatio,

That to Laertes I forgot myself;

For, by the image of my cause, I see

The portraiture of his: I’ll court his favours.

But, sure, the bravery of his grief did put me

Into a towering passion.


Peace! who comes here?



Your lordship is right welcome back to Denmark.


I humbly thank you, sir. Dost know this water-fly?


No, my good lord.


Thy state is the more gracious; for ’tis a vice to

know him. He hath much land, and fertile: let a

beast be lord of beasts, and his crib shall stand at

the king’s mess: ’tis a chough; but, as I say,

spacious in the possession of dirt.


Sweet lord, if your lordship were at leisure, I

should impart a thing to you from his majesty.

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