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read-girl-in-pieces-kathleen-glasgowRead Girl in Pieces Book online by Kathleen Glasgow .

“Girl in Pieces” is written by Kathleen Glasgow.The genre of ‘Girl in Pieces’ is Women Literature.’Girl in Pieces’ is the debut novel of Kathleen Glasgow.

Charlotte Davis is just seventeen and she has lost most of the people she has in her life. Her father, mother, her friends everyone has gone and left her broken in this world. With each loss she turned strong but not enough strong that on next loss she never felt anything, each loss hurts a lot to her but also make her strong. She is fighting for herself,  when she thinks that she has failed, she never stops fighting. She fights for herself no matter who left her alone in this world, no matter what difficulty is there in her path, no matter what hurts her or happened to her, if she falls down, she just look herself and stand again to move forward and changes herself for better and she changed.
The author amazingly moves the story by adding characters in it.

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Each character is adding story to the main character’s life. While reading the book you can feel the sorrow and nervousness of Charlotte. She always feel that she is alone, she fails, she doesn’t belong to anyone, anywhere but still she wants to live. She encourages readers to fight no matter how many times you failed.

The author has done a fantastic work in her debut novel. The writing is raw and real sometime it gives a feel like you are reading someone’s diary. When you read the book you will feel like words are alive and the story is like a deep ocean of emotions.

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