Read & Download The Language of SQL (2nd Edition) (Learning) by Larry Rockoff PDF, ePub, Kindle

The Language of SQL (2nd Edition) (Learning) PDF, ePub

The Language of SQL (2nd Edition) (Learning) by Larry Rockoff

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the primary language used to communicate withrelational databases. The goal of this book is to serve as a useful introductory guide to this essential language.

In an alternate universe, the title of this book might have been The Logic of SQL. This is because, like all computer languages, the language of SQL has much more to do with cold hard logic than with English vocabulary. Nevertheless, the word language has been retained in the title for a number of reasons. First, a certain language-based syntax in SQL distinguishes it from other computer languages. Unlike other languages, SQL employs many ordinary words, such as WHERE and FROM, as keywords in its syntax.

In the spirit of the language embedded in SQL, we’ve adopted an emphasis on  language in our sequence of topics. With this book, you’ll learn SQL as you would learn English. SQL keywords are presented in a logical progression, from simple to more complex. In essence, this is an attempt to deal with language and logic simultaneously.

To learn any language, one must begin by hearing and remembering the actual words that form the basis of its utterance. At the same time, those words have a certain meaning that must be understood. In the case of SQL, the meaning has a great deal to do with logic.

One final reason for persisting with the title The Language of SQL rather than The Logic of SQL is that it simply sounds better. While there can be few literary pretensions in a computerlanguage book, the hope is that the presence of the word language will generate some additional enthusiasm for a subject that is, after all, quite interesting.

Read & Download The Language of SQL (2nd Edition) (Learning) by Larry Rockoff PDF, ePub, Kindle

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