Read & Download Phoenix Odyssey Book by Nick S. Thomas PDF, ePub, Kindle

Phoenix Odyssey Book by Nick S. Thomas

The year is 2512, and war rages throughout the Alliance. Warriors are needed, those who have the will, the skills and the strength to fight this new threat. The cry goes out for battle-hardened soldiers. Like those who fought in the brutal war that nearly destroyed Earth almost four hundred years ago. A resurrection programme has begun to bring back those few men who had been preserved, and CJ is next. But CJ is no ordinary soldier. He is a war criminal, a man who once fought against Humanity. Now they want him to defend it.

The threat to the Alliance deepens further, when a nightmarish creature returns from the dead, and with him a new kind of army. Prince Ganbaatar is back, and he wants revenge. If he is not stopped, his vast hordes will be unleashed against the Alliance. He must be beaten at any cost.

CJ awakens in a world that he no longer recognises. The alien race that created him has united with Humanity to form the Alliance. They give him a choice, to lead other military criminals like himself against the terrifying Ganbaatar, or to live the rest of his days behind bars. Posted to a highly advanced and partially organic ship called the Phoenix, CJ’s squad must decide whether they will fight for the Alliance, or against it. The fate of all civilisation in the universe hangs in the balance. The Odyssey has begun!

Battle Beyond Earth: Phoenix Odyssey book 1 is a futuristic sci-fi action adventure. It is a standalone story, set in the ‘Battle Earth’ universe.Read & Download Phoenix Odyssey Book by Nick S. Thomas PDF, ePub, Kindle.

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