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Only the Truth by Adam Croft
“Only the Truth” by Adam Croft.The genre of ‘Only The Truth’ is Thrillers and Suspense.Dan Cooper is married to Lisa. He travels for his work and enjoys his life as a carefree bachelor. He is again on a solo business trip, when he found his wife’s dead body in his bathroom behind the shower curtain. He was shocked and surprised how his wife came in his hotel room which was in a remote coastal area.

Everything in the room is pointing towards him and enough to prove that he is the murderer. It was very clear someone is framing him. He was sure that the planner is watching him. To prove himself innocent he hides himself from police. When Dan departs across Europe, his unidentified foe rises the proof against him.

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Dan is persistent to discharge his name and also take revenge from the killer of Lisa, even he was not a perfect husband. The felon is approaching him. He was under stress of his own liable shameful deeds. He is not the killer but it might be all his fault in the murder of his wife.Read & Download Only the Truth by Adam Croft pdf, Epub, Kindle, Mobi.

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