Read & Download Of Fire and Stars is by Audrey Coulthurst and Jordan Saia pdf, Epub, Kindle

Of Fire and Stars is by Audrey Coulthurs
“Of Fire and Stars” is written by Audrey Coulthurst and illustrated by Jordan Saia.The genre of ‘Of Fire and Stars’ is Science Fiction and Fantasy.Princess Dennalieia is committed to the prince of Mynaria from her childhood and she also knew about the future of their relationship. But her marriage with the prince of Mynaria will finalize the treaty between Mynaria and her motherland. It will also protect her people from the other belligerent kingdoms. Denna has her own secret if it reveals to anyone it will bring disasters. she has a possession on an Affinity for fire. This power is very dangerous for the future queen, the land and kingdom where magic is banned.

Deenalieia is now learing the ways of her new kingdom Mynaria and also hiding her magical powers which are growing day by day. The worst thing is that she has to learn control Mynaria’s dangerous warhorses before her crowning. Her teacher is Princess Amaranthine, an unorthodox and knotty, sister-in-law of Deena and the only one who frightens her the most.

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A dreadful homicide leaves the land bemused. Mare and Deena cautiously enter forces to find the culprit behind all this destruction. As they worked together, they come closer to each other and soon their friendship turned into something more than just friendship.

As the deadly warfare boiling which makes the treaty more important than anytime, for Deena and Mare following their feeling for each other could be dangerous. Both of them are forced to choose between their hearts and duty, they have to find the way through which they can save their lands and each other too.Read & Download Of Fire and Stars is by Audrey Coulthurst and Jordan Saia pdf, Epub, Kindle.

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