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Murder Go Round by Carol J. Perry

Murder Go Round (A Witch City Mystery)” is written by Carol J. Perry.The genre of ‘Murder Go Round’ is Fiction.
Aunt Ibby forced lee Barrett to come along with her to attend an auction of a storage locker. When they bid, they won. When they opened the locker, Aunt Libby found a thing which she wanted. On seeing the things in the locker looked like household junk. But soon both realized that someone also bid on that locker and lost the bid as they felt someone was following them. Lee found a merry go round horse in that junk and she gave it for repair. A vision was upsetting Lee, when she was separating the things from the locker, she had. In the evening they found that the horse from the marry go round was dismantled and a man was dead in the same manner as Lee had vision.

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Aunt Libby and Lee started searching the murderer and the reason behind it. Her gifted ability and O’Ryan, her smart cat helping her in tracing the murderer..Read & Download Murder Go Round by Carol J. Perry pdf, Epub, Kindle.

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