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Missing by Monty Marsden
Missing by Monty Marsden.The search for a missing child reveals she is not the only one. . . A gripping thriller for fans of Jeffrey Deaver. In a little village in Lombardy, it’s a cold November morning when Ami, steps out of her house to go to school. . .and never comes back. As soon as her father raises the alarm, a frantic search begins. The investigation is led by Police Commissioner Sensi. His men immediately find a trail to follow, but it soon proves to lead nowhere. Three months later, Police Commissioner Sensi decides to visit Dr Claps, an old friend and a renowned criminologist, who guesses from his first few words the real reason for the visit. It’s not just about Ami; she’s not the only little girl to have disappeared.Read & Download Missing by Monty Marsden pdf, Epub, Kindle

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