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Galerie by Steven Greenberg

One woman’s quest for truth reveals a dark family secret long buried in Prague’s Nazi past.

Every family holds to secrets, but some are far darker, reach deeper, and touch a rawer nerve than others.

Vanesa Neuman is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, and her childhood in the cramped intimacy of south Tel Aviv is shadowed by her parents’ unspoken wartime experiences. The past for her was a closed book… until her father passes away and that book falls literally open Vanesa must now unravel the mystery of the diary she has received-and the strange symbol within-at all costs.

Set against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation and the Jewish Museum of Prague – Adolf Eichmann’s”Museum of an Extinct Race” – Galerie is fast-paced historical fiction in the tradition of Tatiana De Rosnay’s Sarah’s Key.

From Jerusalem’s Yad V’Shem Holocaust research center, to the backstreets of Prague, and into the former “paradise ghetto” of Theresienstadt, Vanesa’s journey of understanding will reveal a darker family past than she ever imagined – a secret kept alive for over half a century.Read & Download Galerie by Steven Greenberg PDF, ePub, Kindle.

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