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Extracted (Extracted Trilogy Book 1) by RR Haywood
Extracted (Extracted Trilogy) (Volume 1)” is written by RR Haywood.The genre of ‘Extracted’ is Literature and Fiction.

A young and talented scientist of 2061 has invented a time machine to mend a mishap in his own past. But his positive desires switched into disaster when an initial tests disclosed something horrifying and unexpected: the demise of the world.

Now to save the world,a frantic plan is prepared. For this three heroes are engaged, they are ordinary human beings but all of them are able to do incredible and exceptional things and alter the future.

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Safa Patel: She is an exclusive police officer and she is on duty when terrorists attacked Downing Street. When men with weapons attacked as storm she alone assassinate all of them.

Harry Madden also known as ‘Mad’ is a hero of the World War II. He planted charges on a densely safeguarded submarine base, which was next to impossible for anyone else and also escaped from here alive.

Ben Ryder is a young insurance investigator. He eyewitnessed a clan abusing a woman and her kid. he went to help and protect them and for that he killed all five abusers.

Will all these three ordinary humans with extraordinary capabilities, who are extracted from their timeline, together save the world.

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