Dead Water by Russ Snyder pdf, Epub, Kindle

Dead Water by Russ Snyder pdf

“Dead Water” is written by Russ Snyder.The genre of ‘Dead Water’ is Thriller and Suspense.Rijah Ellhad was a terrorist and a member of Terrorist’s cell which has planned to kill Americans in bulk. He deeply hatred Americans as he was an ex Republican Guard and he was a great admirer of Saddam Hussein and his boss, according to him America was responsible for his death.

Rijah was in Alaska and on a deadly mission. He was in the deep Alaska woods and on his destination, a small lake. He added a vial which was the secret weapon against America and poured it into the lake. He waited for fourteen hours and returned to the lake to see the impact of the ‘vial’. He was stunned with the scenery of the lake. The whole lake was filled with dead fish and the layers was so dense that he could walk over them and reached to the other end of the lake.

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The ‘vial’ worked quickly and disappeared as fast as it worked. Even its effects also disappears that you can drink lake water again and it will not effect anyone. Rijah and his cell was happy and proud that they got a perfect secret weapon to destroy Americans.

President Robert Williams found the horrific killing of fish and he suspected a great danger on America. He directed the FBI, the NASA, and the CIA for the investigation and also took help of his old friend and ex Marine Captain Richard Starr and his team to assist the investigation.

They all were working hard to find the toxin so they took the samples of water which was drinkable and also dead fish. They had to find the terrorist and finished them before they executed their deadly plan against America.Dead Water by Russ Snyder pdf, Epub, Kindle, Mobi.

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