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Chasing Shadows by Karen Harper
“Chasing Shadows (South Shores)” is written by Karen Harper.The genre of ‘Chasing Shadows’ is Thriller and Suspense.Claire Britten, is the best forensic psychologist, shots is win personally as well as professionally. She is suffering with a neurological disorder but it is a secret of her life only her sister knew about it. And just because of this disorder only she had divorced her husband. Her skill to quell it is a testimony to her acute instinct.

Nick Markwood, a lawyer, is an expert in his field. He never lost a case, in his career. But in his latest case, he was ousted by Clair’s skillful testament. He was impressed by her talent. He offered her to join his team for his passionate and dream project:- investigation of bizarre cases engaging mystifying deaths.

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Nick Markwood and Claire Britten and their team started investigating a murder case in FLorida’s St.Augustine, Claire found herself in a more deadly and dangerous situation than she expected. She was so stressed that she was not ready to trust her own instincts and suddenly she also discovered that Nick had some personal connection with this case and from then she was in doubt to whom she trust.Read & Download Chasing Shadows by Karen Harper pdf, Epub, Mobi,Kindle.

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