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Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi

Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi.The genre of ‘Black Water Lilies’ is Thrillers and Suspense.Giverny, is a French village where Claude Monet, the well known artist is living. The village had gardens where Monet painted waterlilies. This village was a tourist place also but when tourist left, the village turned mysterious.

Jérôme Morval, was a very rich doctor of Giverny. He is passionate lover of art and women. One day he was found dead near the stream which passes through the gardens. When the detectives began their investigations, they found Monet’s waterlilies postcard in his pocket with the words: ‘Eleven years old. happy Birthday’. They started their investigation on the basis as a jealous lover killed him to take his revenge.

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Investigation led the team to the door of the most charming teacher of the village, Stephanie. One of the detective found Fannette, an eleven year old girl and determined to win the prestigious art competition by recreating the Monet’s waterlilies’s painting in her own style. And by winning this competition, she was able to get the way to go out of this village. It is necessary for her to enter in this competition and her friend Paul was also supporting her. But there is someone who didn’t want her to participate in it and he will do to any extent to stop her even he can murder someone.Read & Download Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi pdf, Epub, Kindle, Mobi.

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