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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

“Behind Her Eyes: A suspenseful psychological thriller” is written by Sarah Pinborough.The genre of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ is Thrillers and Suspense.

Behind Her Eyes is a love triangle between Louise, David, and Adele. Louise is a divorced working woman and a mother of a young boy. She is working as secretary for a team of psychologists. She hardly has night outs. But on a long waited night out she met a man in a bar and something sparked between them. They had drinks and left each other after a passionate kiss. The man was guilty for his deed but Louise’s mind was stuck with the guy from the bar. When on next Monday Louise comes at her work place she met the same man again but as her new BOSS. David. She finds that David is a married man but he is also attracted towards her. The affair begins.

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Adele, Davids wife accidentally met Louise and become friends. Adele is new in the town and lonely.She also needs a friend. Adele, is like a Barbie Doll wife of David, when Louise discovers this, she kept it as a secret from both of them. David and Adele are picture perfect and make anyone jealous type couple. Adele has her own secrets.

When Louise come closer to their world she found that things are not like that it seems. There is something wrong in their marriage. Why David is controlling and strict to Adele? Why is Adele always scared of David? She is also very confused when she detects that Davis can go to any extent to keep their marriage,secrets.Read Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough pdf, Epub, Kindle.

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