Read A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare pdf, Epub

Read A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare pdf, Epub

Now, go thy way. Faintness constraineth me

To measure out my length on this cold bed.

By day’s approach look to be visited.

Lies down and sleeps

Re-enter HELENA


O weary night, O long and tedious night,

Abate thy hour! Shine comforts from the east,

That I may back to Athens by daylight,

From these that my poor company detest:

And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow’s eye,

Steal me awhile from mine own company.

Lies down and sleeps


Yet but three? Come one more;

Two of both kinds make up four.

Here she comes, curst and sad:

Cupid is a knavish lad,

Thus to make poor females mad.

Re-enter HERMIA


Never so weary, never so in woe,

Bedabbled with the dew and torn with briers,

I can no further crawl, no further go;

My legs can keep no pace with my desires.

Here will I rest me till the break of day.

Heavens shield Lysander, if they mean a fray!

Lies down and sleeps


On the ground

Sleep sound:

I’ll apply

To your eye,

Gentle lover, remedy.

Squeezing the juice on LYSANDER’s eyes

When thou wakest,

Thou takest

True delight

In the sight

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