Read A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare pdf, Epub

Read A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare pdf, Epub


What, should I hurt her, strike her, kill her dead?

Although I hate her, I’ll not harm her so.


What, can you do me greater harm than hate?

Hate me! wherefore? O me! what news, my love!

Am not I Hermia? are not you Lysander?

I am as fair now as I was erewhile.

Since night you loved me; yet since night you left


Why, then you left me—O, the gods forbid!—

In earnest, shall I say?


Ay, by my life;

And never did desire to see thee more.

Therefore be out of hope, of question, of doubt;

Be certain, nothing truer; ’tis no jest

That I do hate thee and love Helena.


O me! you juggler! you canker-blossom!

You thief of love! what, have you come by night

And stolen my love’s heart from him?


Fine, i’faith!

Have you no modesty, no maiden shame,

No touch of bashfulness? What, will you tear

Impatient answers from my gentle tongue?

Fie, fie! you counterfeit, you puppet, you!


Puppet? why so? ay, that way goes the game.

Now I perceive that she hath made compare

Between our statures; she hath urged her height;

And with her personage, her tall personage,

Her height, forsooth, she hath prevail’d with him.

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