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By | September 24, 2017
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Must I speak now?


Ay, marry, must you; for you must understand he goes

but to see a noise that he heard, and is to come again.


Most radiant Pyramus, most lily-white of hue,

Of colour like the red rose on triumphant brier,

Most brisky juvenal and eke most lovely Jew,

As true as truest horse that yet would never tire,

I’ll meet thee, Pyramus, at Ninny’s tomb.


‘Ninus’ tomb,’ man: why, you must not speak that

yet; that you answer to Pyramus: you speak all your

part at once, cues and all Pyramus enter: your cue

is past; it is, ‘never tire.’


O,—As true as truest horse, that yet would

never tire.

Re-enter PUCK, and BOTTOM with an ass’s head


If I were fair, Thisby, I were only thine.


O monstrous! O strange! we are haunted. Pray,

masters! fly, masters! Help!

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