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By | September 24, 2017
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I’ll run from thee and hide me in the brakes,

And leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts.


The wildest hath not such a heart as you.

Run when you will, the story shall be changed:

Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase;

The dove pursues the griffin; the mild hind

Makes speed to catch the tiger; bootless speed,

When cowardice pursues and valour flies.


I will not stay thy questions; let me go:

Or, if thou follow me, do not believe

But I shall do thee mischief in the wood.


Ay, in the temple, in the town, the field,

You do me mischief. Fie, Demetrius!

Your wrongs do set a scandal on my sex:

We cannot fight for love, as men may do;

We should be wood and were not made to woo.


I’ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,

To die upon the hand I love so well.



Fare thee well, nymph: ere he do leave this grove,

Thou shalt fly him and he shall seek thy love.

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