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Mind Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane World by Matthew Santoro

mind-blownMatthew Santoro’s creativity and funniness has pulled in a huge number of fans, making him a dearest YouTube star. His week after week recordings on astounding and minimal known realities are excitedly foreseen by his numerous supporters and devotees around the globe. In his first-since forever book, Matthew’s adoration for bizarre and wacky information blasts with new actualities and stories from around the planet, and past. Astounding, and continually enlivening, Mind = Blown offers considerably a greater amount of Matthew’s one of a kind interpretation of this silly, insane world:

The most strange laws from at various times

Insane doppelgangers of individuals, spots, and startling things

Recorded wizards who really lived

Genuine creature vindicators

Also, an uncommon area: Japan Blows My Mind!

From shin-kicking rivalries and brew pong-playing robots, to tremendous flame balls shooting through space, you will have a hard time believing what you’ll find in

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