Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson pdf, Epub

Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson

Like a River Glorious (Gold Seer Trilogy)” is written by Rae Carson and illustrated by John hendrix.The genre of’Like a River Glorious’ is Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

This is the sequel of ‘Walk On Earth a Stranger’.Lee Westfall got through the quest to California. Lee found a totally new and loving family in the other castaway of their wagon train. Jefferson, Lee’s best friend is soliciting her. Lee also love him. Lee has a special magical ability that she can smell the most precious metal in the world, gold, around her. With the help of her’s magical ability they have their own house which is rich in gold.

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Lee’s Uncle Harim also knew about her magical power of smelling gold. He also survived his journey to California, so that he can possess Lee and her magical powers. As he wanted to use her powers for his benefits. When Harim’s men kidnapped Lee and took her to him, that time she understood the devil plan of her uncle. Harim is the only living relative of Lee and he is very cruel. For money and power he already killed his parents and to get power and money he will not hesitate to harm Lee’s friends and her new family.

When she was brought to Harim’s mine which was the darkest and the deepest one, Lee gets the full excess of her magical gift. Now she not only sense gold, she can talk and order it also. Now no one is safe. And to save everyone, Lee took a vow that she will finish her uncle and his empire. She is determined to do so even at the cost of her life and freedom.

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